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poppy and fish, maine

I will miss your tremendous heart, your tremendous brain, your tremendous spirit.  I’ll never tell a better story, know more things, be as tan.  Though we had moments that were uncomfortable (when I found out your actual birthday, all the times you told me that the part in my hair wasn’t straight), those pale beside the many more numerous times when I felt like the bond between us was so strong that maybe it made the air a different color.  I wish I had asked you for more stories, I wish I had listened even harder (though really, is that possible?), I wish I had asked you about the secrets I was scared to ask you about.  We had a lot of time together, but right now, I would just like a little more.

William M. Fenning (1920-2015)

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2 thoughts on “billy

  1. Is this the camp in Maine? On Messalonskee ? This dropped off my feed, and now I’m annoyed that I have missed so many entries, although I will enjoy looking through several at once, so that is a silver lining.

    Posted by Alisia | May 5, 2016, 1:54 pm

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