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honeymoon in south america, 1919/2011

harry, december 1909

10 years before my great-grandfather Harry donned this uniform as a Corporal in the Signal Corps, he was plying his trade as a 17-year-old wireless telegraph operator onboard a steamship in Lake Erie. His was a family in which everyone needed to work, but while his brothers and sisters worked as clerks and secretaries at … Continue reading

harry, bill, selma and charlotte, 1935

i am in tucson, arizona this week for a workshop on cataloging and archiving photographs, which somewhat ironically leaves me with very little time to muse on my own photographic family history. so instead, i leave you with a picture of my grandfather, his sister and their parents — in tucson, arizona in 1935. a. … Continue reading

charlotte and harry, 1919

my great-grandparents charlotte and harry got married twice. once, in march 1918, they were married by a staten island justice of the peace before harry shipped out to france as a corporal in the radio detachment of signal brigade company a. after he came home, they were married by a rabbi in august 1919, presumably … Continue reading