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rose and charlotte, ca 1925?

My great grandmother Charlotte had two older sisters with whom she was not particularly close. So not close that my grandfather forgot that they existed until I asked him point-blank about them by name (and he remembered nearly everything). When pressed, he recalled that one of them lived in Florida, had been married to the … Continue reading

202 west end avenue, 1903/2012

When I was in New York a few weeks ago, eating some amazingly good gelato on the Upper West Side, I realized we were only blocks away from where my great-grandmother Charlotte grew up at 202 West End Avenue. Her building doesn’t exist anymore – this high rise has taken the place of 202 and … Continue reading

charlotte, 1912

A few months ago, I found two job wanted ads that my great-grandmother Charlotte placed in the New York Herald in 1910. I only found two ads for consecutive weeks in May, and so I assumed that she must have found an ideal situation and had no need to keep advertising. It turns out I … Continue reading

charlotte, 1910

In 1910, my great-grandmother placed these job wanted ads in the New York Herald.  I could only find two of them — for consecutive weeks in May — and I am taking that as evidence she found the position she was looking for.  In both of the ads, she says that she is experienced, and … Continue reading

honeymoon in south america, 1919/2011

charlotte, 1923

My great-grandmother Charlotte has never seemed like a cow person to me. So when I found this picture in a pile of photos at my aunt’s house, I thought it was pretty amazing. It is sort of clear from her stance — and from the fact that she is posing for a picture with a cow in … Continue reading

charlotte, ca 1930

In honor of the unseasonably hot weather currently hovering over Southern California, here is a summer-time picture of my great-grandmother Charlotte and some other ladies at Lake Cobbosseecontee near Winthrop, Maine in the 1930s. Charlotte and her husband Harry would stay at the lodge at the lake for part of the summer while their son … Continue reading

charlotte, ca 1917

my great-grandmother charlotte was a liar. i didn’t know this when i was small – in those 8 years we spent in the same world – and i’m not sure anyone else alive during those 8 years knew it either. if i weren’t a snoop, no one would know she had lied about anything, and … Continue reading

harry, bill, selma and charlotte, 1935

i am in tucson, arizona this week for a workshop on cataloging and archiving photographs, which somewhat ironically leaves me with very little time to muse on my own photographic family history. so instead, i leave you with a picture of my grandfather, his sister and their parents — in tucson, arizona in 1935. a. … Continue reading

charlotte and harry, 1919

my great-grandparents charlotte and harry got married twice. once, in march 1918, they were married by a staten island justice of the peace before harry shipped out to france as a corporal in the radio detachment of signal brigade company a. after he came home, they were married by a rabbi in august 1919, presumably … Continue reading