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daniel, 1918/1929

My great-great grandfather Daniel, pictured above with wife Fanny and granddaughters Marilyn and Dione, was a man of relatively slim means and several different livelihoods. By the time this photograph was taken in 1929, the success of his sons had provided him with a comfortable life, but there was a time when this was not … Continue reading

rona and dione, 1929

the caption on the back of this photograph says: “sleeping beauty and oh-so-tired” rona brown rose richman (1906-1992) and dione

dione, ca. 1933

seeing pictures of people you know only in their adult form as small children or babies is an uncanny sort of terrain. in the true meaning of unheimlich, there is something familiar about their sometimes pudgy baby faces, something that you recognize from their grown-up faces, while at the same time, something completely alien. in … Continue reading