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I will miss your tremendous heart, your tremendous brain, your tremendous spirit.  I’ll never tell a better story, know more things, be as tan.  Though we had moments that were uncomfortable (when I found out your actual birthday, all the times you told me that the part in my hair wasn’t straight), those pale beside the … Continue reading

harry, bill, selma and charlotte, 1935

i am in tucson, arizona this week for a workshop on cataloging and archiving photographs, which somewhat ironically leaves me with very little time to muse on my own photographic family history. so instead, i leave you with a picture of my grandfather, his sister and their parents — in tucson, arizona in 1935. a. … Continue reading

billy, ca. 1930

my grandfather bill tells stories sometimes about his summers at camp cobbossee in winthrop, maine: about hiking into town to have strawberry phosphates, how his parents and sister would come up from new jersey and stay at a nearby hotel with other parents of campers, how someone told him he had funny knees once and … Continue reading