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rona, 1927

I recently got engaged and have been thinking of somethings old that I could borrow from my ancestors for my own wedding. My great-grandmother Rona’s amazing veil and headpiece did not immediately spring to mind, though they would be quite spectacular, though much less dramatic on me, since I am at least 6 or 7 … Continue reading

rona, "uncle art" and the maxwell, ca 1909

This is a picture of my great grandmother Rona riding with some cousins and “Uncle Art” in her father’s circa 1909 Maxwell motorcar. She’s the little one with the giant bow and the rather unhappy expression; Uncle Art is the one with the “5” over his head, which corresponds with the little key in the … Continue reading

rona and dione, 1929

the caption on the back of this photograph says: “sleeping beauty and oh-so-tired” rona brown rose richman (1906-1992) and dione

rona and charlie, march 10, 1935

yesterday, i was working with someone else on organizing his family photographs and i was slightly jealous, seeing the sheer number of photos this family had taken and posed for on their myriad travels around the world. i’m not completely sure why i was jealous, because it isn’t as though i come from a family … Continue reading

rona, 1926

the heat in my apartment is broken and my feet are cold, so i went looking for a little bit of a summertime frame of mind to warm me up – in spirit only, since i doubt the power of photographs and memory when it comes to the physical warming of feet and hands. my … Continue reading

rona, ca. 1911

a short story i learned last night: like many small children, my great-grandmother rona once decided to run away from home. i sort of think it could have been over a grave injustice (such as putting away her toys) imposed by her mother, but this information has unfortunately been lost to the sands of time. … Continue reading