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max and ella, ca 1903

<p>As I have mentioned before, my great-great-great grandfather Jacob was relatively prolific with regards to wives and children: he had at least 2 – maybe 3 – wives with whom he raised at least 7 children over a span of 30 years. This meant that my great-great-grandmother Ella, who was born to Jacob’s last wife, … Continue reading

rona, "uncle art" and the maxwell, ca 1909

This is a picture of my great grandmother Rona riding with some cousins and “Uncle Art” in her father’s circa 1909 Maxwell motorcar. She’s the little one with the giant bow and the rather unhappy expression; Uncle Art is the one with the “5” over his head, which corresponds with the little key in the … Continue reading

ella, september 1931

ella was born in what is now slovakia in 1882. she came on a ship to the united states by herself at the age of 15. she married, had 2 children, got divorced in the early 1930s, moved to california and lived until the age of 89. somewhere in between all this, she went to … Continue reading