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max and annie, 1904

My great-grandparents, like good Jews, got engaged on Christmas Day, 1904. I don’t know how long they knew each other before this event, but the story goes that Annie, my great-grandmother, was sitting on the porch of the relative she was visiting in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, when Max, my great-grandfather drove by. He caught a glimpse … Continue reading

max, ca 1945

During the first half of the twentieth century, roughly one-sixth of the cigars manufactured in the United States were manufactured in York County, Pennsylvania. Some of this production was the work of my great-grandfather Max Kalisch, who was a part of the wholesale tobacco trade in York County from his early years in the United … Continue reading

max, ca 1895

my great-grandfather max was obviously a cutting-edge sort of guy. here he is on his safety bicycle and sporty cycling outfit in maybe around 1895, which would make him 20 in this undated photograph. bicycling was, at this time, quite the thing to do among the upper and middle classes all over america and europe … Continue reading