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daniel and fanny, ca 1927

My great-great-grandparents Daniel and Fanny got married, at least in part, because Fanny’s twin sister was a good cook. I’ve written about this story before, but to refresh your memory, Fanny was apparently very bad in the kitchen, while her twin sister, whose name I don’t know, was considerably more gifted culinarily-speaking. When prospective suitor … Continue reading

charlie, december 1918

When my great-grandfather Charlie was a boy, he really wanted a pony. Owning a horse wasn’t within his family‘s means, because they were quite poor. Indeed, all the brothers and sisters except for Sidney, the youngest, didn’t get much past junior high school because they needed to get to work. But Charlie still wished he … Continue reading

rona and charlie, march 10, 1935

yesterday, i was working with someone else on organizing his family photographs and i was slightly jealous, seeing the sheer number of photos this family had taken and posed for on their myriad travels around the world. i’m not completely sure why i was jealous, because it isn’t as though i come from a family … Continue reading

charlie, ca 1920s

my great-grandfather charlie met my great-grandmother rona because of business. he and his brothers, in business as the cleveland wrecking company (based in minneapolis, not cleveland, at the time) bought paint or otherwise had dealings with the armstrong paint company, a business in which sam brown, rona’s father, was an important person, though i am … Continue reading