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frank and ethel, 1990

Sometime right around when this photo was taken (I think this must have been Thanksgiving or sometime around then), my grandparents gave me an aquamarine ring as a Christmas/Hanukkah present.  They died not that long after and for the last 21 years, I have spent almost every minute wearing that ring. It has become almost … Continue reading

ethel, 1918

It was my grandmother’s 93rd birthday yesterday. Ethel Kalisch Hoffer (1918-1991)

jackie, ca 1958

My mother and aunt got their first dog when my Aunt Helene won a puppy in a rigged television contest. The contest was supposed to reward the most creative puppy name with a puppy, and her choice of “Sir Jackson” (which is really quite a spectacular name when the breeder’s name is appended to the … Continue reading

ethel, 1936

My little brother graduates from high school tomorrow, so with that in mind, here is my grandmother Ethel’s senior portrait from the 1936 William Penn Senior High Tatler. Though I am not sure I really believe that she went by the nickname “Eth,” and though I know she couldn’t speak German well enough to converse … Continue reading

the hoffer family, 1966

in my family, we have certain idiosyncratic terms that no one else in the world uses besides us. i’m sure lots of families do. my sister and i did not realize until some few years ago, however, that this was actually the case. we thought everyone walked around calling the national council of jewish women … Continue reading

ethel, becky and frank, 1981

my mother’s parents were taken away from me 17 years ago this past tuesday, and it will never not hurt. ethel kalisch hoffer (1918-1991), me, frank markus hoffer (1909-1991)

ethel and arthur, ca. 1927

this is my grandmother ethel and her older brother arthur, in what is possibly my favorite photograph of all time. her expression could only be more perfect if she were raising one eyebrow. because i like to concoct stories, i like to think that this picture was taken in baltimore, when ethel and her parents … Continue reading